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Control Fleas in your Columbia, SC, Area Yard with Mosquito Squad of Columbia

Are fleas a problem at your Columbia area home?

We can help! At Mosquito Squad of Columbia, our goal is to protect your yard using our innovative barrier spray product. Our barrier spray creates an invisible shield around your yard keeping mosquitoes and ticks away. By enhancing that program to add flea protection, we can also protect your pets from menacing fleas.

Fleas are not only a nuisance causing your pet to swat and itch but their bites can be painful. Even worse, fleas can cause illnesses such as tapeworms, skin dermatitis, anemia and tularemia. Have you ever rolled your pet over for a belly rub treat only to see fleas scurry to hide in warm dark spots on your pet? Have you found “flea dust” on your pets favorite pillow or resting spot?

Here’s how our flea control program works:

It works similarly to our barrier control spray program. A product is added to our traditional mosquito and tick control product that also adds flea protection. This product actually prevents flea eggs from hatching thus stopping the life cycle. This program does add some protection from gnats as well. We do recommend that you also use flea drops for your pet as well as a Comfortis pill for your pet for full protection.

Our flea protection program is a 3 treatment series. As long as your pets are protected against fleas and ticks and we’ve completed the 3-treatment series, we guarantee the flea protection for the season.

Our product is completely effective for your pets and your whole family.

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