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Are you looking for a mosquito misting system for your Columbia SC area home?

If you’re a Columbia SC area resident and you’re looking for a mosquito misting system for your property, look no further than Mosquito Squad of Columbia. This system provides the ultimate control over biting pests for your outdoor living areas. The systems are permanently installed similar to irrigation systems and they eliminate 95+ percent of mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and flies.

Imagine spending time entertaining in your yard, sitting on the grass with your dog or pet or grilling at dusk without getting mosquito bites. Our system provides this protection. Are you concerned about ticks and the growing number of Lyme Disease cases in our area? Mosquito Squad provides protection from ticks and the diseases they spread.

With a mosquito misting system, you have total control over flying pests. Your system is programmed to your liking with automatic treatments that occur with no effort. Our customers also have a remote control to treat their yard for mosquitoes without leaving their chair.

Hands down, this is the MOST EFFECTIVE solution for biting and swarming pests throughout the Midlands area of SC.

Do you have gnats, mayflies, midges or crane flies?

Our system is the best method of insuring protection against these and other swarming pests.

At Mosquito Squad, our misting system is truly set it and forget it. You won’t have to think about scheduling your treatments yet you can add an additional spray when needed. To make it even easier, Mosquito Squad provides a state of the art wireless monitoring system that notifies us if there are any leaks, siphons or power failures allowing for prompt service dispatch. You will not need to worry about a cut misting line or nozzle leak. The system provides notification in that event. Getting ready for winter? We come out to winterize your system for you. Want to be ready for spring mosquito season? Our technicians are a call away to turn on your system for the next mosquito season.

Have mosquito problems in your barn?

We install our misting systems inside barns, horse stables and other livestock enclosures. We carefully position the spray nozzles away from your horses and their food source. This offers the ultimate control over flies, biting flies, mosquitoes and other disease carrying pests.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • increases home value
  • will not harm ornamental plants
  • the nozzles are discreet and tucked away in landscaping or under eaves

Mosquito Squad’s expert technicians install and service your system taking any worry or hassles away.

Protect yourself and your family from itchy, scratchy, painful, and potentially dangerous mosquito and tick bites with our extremely effective mosquito misting system.

Contact us today to sign up. Call (803) 345 – 7575 or call toll-free 877-MO-SQUAD or email us.

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