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Mosquito Squad of Columbia Will Help You Take Your Yard Back

As the pleasantly warm evenings and cookout season approach, the last thing you want to have at your next outdoor get-together is a swarm of biting pests. Imagine being able to sit out on your deck or patio this very evening and not having a single mosquito trying to bite you – the thought of it just feels nice. Let Mosquito Squad of Columbia take mosquitoes off the guest list for all your upcoming outdoor events with our traditional barrier spray. We can reduce the mosquito population in your yard by up to 90%.

When it comes to the most aggressive mosquito in our area, the Asian tiger mosquito is the resounding title holder. If you have been outside during the middle of the day, when most mosquitoes are not as active but are getting bitten, you’re more than likely the victim of the Asian tiger mosquito. The Asian tiger mosquito is more aggressive, and its bites are more painful than most other mosquitoes. Along with being more aggressive and annoying than other mosquitoes, they are more capable of transmitting disease. When it comes to mosquito control Columbia SC, it’s best to leave the job to true professionals that will ensure your yard is mosquito free.

The Asian tiger mosquito in Columbia, South Carolina

As you prepare for the outdoor get-togethers ahead, you may want to consider utilizing the professional services of Mosquito Squad of Columbia. In order to keep you and your guests from getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, a barrier spray would keep your yard free of not only the Asian tiger mosquito but all mosquitoes and biting and stinging pests. Don’t allow these bloodsucking pests to dictate how much fun everyone has at your next cookout.

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